The Axl Effect


For as long as I can remember, I’ve doled out dollars to take in concerts. This first started in in ninth grade, with Streetheart and Aldo Nova rocking the old Winnipeg Arena. Back then, our gaggle of junior high pals were the babies in the crowd, hanging with the old people and breaking curfew to catch the end of the show.

Today, many of the babies in the crowd are old enough to be my offspring, and my concert-going friends are nearing old people status. But there’s still nothing like breaking curfew and staying out much too late on a Monday night for the sake of rock ‘n roll… Read full story here.

Juice cleansing: Confessions of a first-time juicer

20151107_132637In the era of 24-7 communication, we’re constantly connected, and always on the go. Life comes at us fast, with stressors all around. Taking care of ourselves can become the last priority on any given busy day.

What we put in our bodies – the fuel that keeps us going – greatly affects how we function and feel. Poor eating habits are cumulative, and over time can make you feel sluggish, zap your motivation, and drag you down.

To pick yourself back up, there’s a growing wellness trend that’s easy to do, doesn’t cost a lot, and – best of all – it really works… Read entire story.

A woman’s right to sweep: What I’ve learned from coed curling

S2004-1017-LS_croppedWomen in Manitoba celebrated a milestone anniversary this week – earning the vote 100 years ago. Indeed, we’ve come a long way, baby. Gender equality has been a long fought battle. Yet I’ve never really felt myself on the front lines.

Women have long been fighting for their place in sports, too, and earning the right to get in the game. The Olympics let ladies enter track and field events in 1928. The Boston Marathon allowed its first registered female runner in 1967. Full-court basketball welcomed women in 1971, and little league baseball welcomed girls in 1974. Jump ahead to 2016, and women can play any sport they want. Since I love sports, I play a few myself, including curling… Read entire story.

Happy New Year! And an inspiration for you…

SuccessHappy New Year! Here is an inspiration to ring in 2016. If you like it, please copy, download, share, post, use it any way you want. Because ultimately, through my words and photos, my hope is to inspire you…

A Publicist’s Holiday Poem

IMGP0014Twas the week before Christmas
But no time to shop
Still working my pitches
Unable to stop

With TV shows launching
Media releases to plan
And press kits to write
There’s so much at hand!

Can I send you a bio
To get your attention?
If you have some space
Can you give it a mention??

Read entire poem.

Finding the perfect Christmas tree: A family tradition

DSC_0209One of my most favourite holiday activities is getting a Christmas tree. Sure, there are lots of places where you can buy one that’s already cut down and ready to go, and if that’s your approach, that’s okay. You can also buy an artificial one from a retailer, if you prefer going that route. But for a really memorable time that your family will never forget, nothing beats a daytrip adventure to find your special tree… Read entire story.

His name was Fred

scan0002A truck driver was tragically killed when his semitrailer went off the road on a notorious highway east of Kenora. The story made headlines: Deadly stretch claims 12th victim. A graphic photo of the smoldering crash site was published in the newspaper. Sensational images appeared on television. Another accident. Another statistic.

Stories like this are in the media just about every day. We see them, we hear them, and after a while, we become desensitized to them. I, too, would simply tune these terrible tales out. Seldom did I pause to consider the impact of the loss.

But this time it was different. This time, the life taken was very close to me. He was part of my family. His name was Fred… Read entire story.

Grey Cup-ping it!

20151003_161039My football-loving history stretches back to playing the game with my siblings on our farm in Marquette, Manitoba. There were enough of us to make two teams, so we’d play often.

We also watched football on TV, and, after moving to Winnipeg, we’d go to Bomber games whenever we could. To us, the Grey Cup was a good excuse to have a party… Read entire story.

Floating: The ripple effect

DSC_0138In order to seek benefits of floating in salt water, North Americans used to travel halfway around the globe. The Dead Sea, known as Salt Sea, is a hypersaline lake bordering Israel and Jordan. With 33.7% salinity, it’s one of the saltiest bodies of waters on the planet, and provides natural buoyancy. It’s a popular tourist destination, and was the world’s first health resort.

Personally, I hadn’t given much thought to the idea of floating in salt water. Until now. Here in Winnipeg, FLOAT.Calm has five floatation tanks (referred to as ‘pods’), each in a private room, and each containing 26 centimeters of water saturated with Epsom salt. Climb in your pod, close the door, lie back, and feel yourself instantly rise up to the surface… Read entire story.

Austria: My homeland away from home

IMGP9897One of the greatest joys of traveling is discovering new places, especially those in the “old country.”

When it comes to my father’s homeland, I know he was born in a small village near Vienna in Austria – or the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as it was called in 1907.

His father was from Germany; his mother from Poland. They left Europe when my father was an infant, travelled by ship across the Atlantic, and eventually found their way to Manitoba’s Interlake region… Read entire story.  

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