The great hockey delusion

As summer turns to fall here in Winnipeg, thoughts turn from golfing and rowing, to curling and hockey. Oddly enough, hockey is something I started pursuing at the age of almost-40. And boy, was it fun! While learning to play, I wrote about the trials and tribulations in a blog that was featured on You can now read all of these stories here on this website – under the section The Hockey Bag.

At the moment, you’ll see the stories only go to Chapter 16. This is because a knee injury (unrelated to hockey) kept me out of the game for two winters. And then, when I was finally ready to come back… sadly, my hockey team dismantled. Which meant there was no team to return to last year.

At the current time, I remain in hockey team limbo. However, I do plan on getting back into the game again someday. Stay tuned! Til then… I hope you will read – and enjoy – my funny stories about learning to play hockey. Check out The Hockey Bag. And please start at Chapter 1:  Enter the Dragon Lady


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