Close encounter of the Branson kind

Richard Branson in Winnipeg
Photo by Ian McCausland

To go after what you want in life, it helps to have some guts, a little luck, good timing, and some decent cards to play. All of which I had one recent fateful morning.

Sir Richard Branson was visiting my hometown, and I had tried my darnedest to arrange an opportunity for some face time. My ‘insider’ was radio host Ace Burpee, who I’ve known since we worked at the same summer camp eons ago. We often help each other out, so if there was a chance to meet Sir Richard, Ace could make it happen.

But alas, it looked like not even Ace could pull this one off. From what I understood, business leaders were lining up to acquaint with Sir Richard, even paying good money (donated to charity) for meeting time. I hadn’t a hope in hell. Read entire story.


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