Winnipeg musicians singing for a cause

When Don Amero decided to put on a DSC_0479free concert for Winnipeg fans, he planned to ‘pass the hat’ with hopes of raising enough money to pay for rented gear, pay the other musicians, and maybe have a little something left over for his own pocket. After all, as a full-time musician, he relies on income from shows. Then he got a phone call, and everything changed. Now, he has a different hope.

Don found out the family of a little girl named Elena needs help. Since birth, she has faced numerous medical issues, starting with being in a coma for the first two years of life. This was followed by three open heart surgeries, and most recently, Elena – now ten – suffered a stroke.

“When I heard this story, my heart was broken for this family. I’m a new dad, and would do anything for my little guy Oscar. I can’t even imagine what Elena’s family has to endure,” explains Amero. Read entire story.


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