Back to the basics at Calm Waters Rowing

IMGP8166I’ve been rowing longer than I should probably admit. What started as a curious and casual recreational pursuit many years ago has since become a mission to compete in the sport. Get as good as I can. Achieve my own potential. But it hasn’t been an easy road, not at all.

Let’s begin by saying I’m not a natural athlete. Whatsoever. In fact, I’m more genetically inclined to play bingo than sports. But I love sports! In school, I tried baseball, basketball, volleyball, water polo, racquetball, even cross-country. While I was “okay” at most activities, I excelled at none. Still, I kept trying, hopeful that one day, something would click.

In 2001, I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime through History Television series Quest for the Bay. Selected as one of a crew of eight, our task was to row a York boat from Winnipeg to the Hudson Bay in the tradition of the fur trade – with gear, clothing and food the same as it would have been back in 1840… Read entire story.


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