What inspires you? Maybe a picture with a word or two

CaptureIn my travels, sometimes the pictures taken of nothing in particular end up inspiring me the most. They evoke certain thoughts, words, phrases, that just seem to fit.

Like this one.

If you like it, please feel free to copy, download, share, use it any way you want to. Because ultimately, through my words and photos, my hope is to inspire you, too…

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  1. Hi Geneva, thank you for connecting! I enjoyed meeting you in Saskatoon. Thank you very much for the comment, it means a lot to know people enjoy my writing. I hope you are still writing, too. Cheers!

  2. Geneva Macgillivray

    Good morning RoseAnna. We met a few years back at a writing workshop in Saskatoon. My thoughts this morning are to write you and let you know how much I enjoy reading your words and seeing all your posts. Thank you for sending inspiration out to everyone! Have a super day, wherever you may be! Geneva

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