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The Axl Effect


For as long as I can remember, I’ve doled out dollars to take in concerts. This first started in in ninth grade, with Streetheart and Aldo Nova rocking the old Winnipeg Arena. Back then, our gaggle of junior high pals were the babies in the crowd, hanging with the old people and breaking curfew to catch the end of the show.

Today, many of the babies in the crowd are old enough to be my offspring, and my concert-going friends are nearing old people status. But there’s still nothing like breaking curfew and staying out much too late on a Monday night for the sake of rock ‘n roll… Read full story here.

Juice cleansing: Confessions of a first-time juicer

20151107_132637In the era of 24-7 communication, we’re constantly connected, and always on the go. Life comes at us fast, with stressors all around. Taking care of ourselves can become the last priority on any given busy day.

What we put in our bodies – the fuel that keeps us going – greatly affects how we function and feel. Poor eating habits are cumulative, and over time can make you feel sluggish, zap your motivation, and drag you down.

To pick yourself back up, there’s a growing wellness trend that’s easy to do, doesn’t cost a lot, and – best of all – it really works… Read entire story.

Grey Cup-ping it!

20151003_161039My football-loving history stretches back to playing the game with my siblings on our farm in Marquette, Manitoba. There were enough of us to make two teams, so we’d play often.

We also watched football on TV, and, after moving to Winnipeg, we’d go to Bomber games whenever we could. To us, the Grey Cup was a good excuse to have a party… Read entire story.

Running out of excuses

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been four years since I’ve done any distance running, which to me is anything greater than five miles. I do the odd three-miler every now and then just to stay conditioned, but rarely do I go beyond five anymore.

When I agreed to run the Winnipeg Police Service Half-Marathon relay with a friend (6.55 miles each) my intention was to train. However, due to a number of circumstances including a sprained ankle the week before the event, and numerous excuses before that, I only managed to get in six runs before race-day.

Eventually I ran out of training days (and excuses) and would just have to do it as ready as I was. Was I confident I could do the distance? Yes. But the big question was, how fast? Read entire story.

Close encounter of the Branson kind

Richard Branson in Winnipeg
Photo by Ian McCausland

To go after what you want in life, it helps to have some guts, a little luck, good timing, and some decent cards to play. All of which I had one recent fateful morning.

Sir Richard Branson was visiting my hometown, and I had tried my darnedest to arrange an opportunity for some face time. My ‘insider’ was radio host Ace Burpee, who I’ve known since we worked at the same summer camp eons ago. We often help each other out, so if there was a chance to meet Sir Richard, Ace could make it happen.

But alas, it looked like not even Ace could pull this one off. From what I understood, business leaders were lining up to acquaint with Sir Richard, even paying good money (donated to charity) for meeting time. I hadn’t a hope in hell. Read entire story.