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A woman’s right to sweep: What I’ve learned from coed curling

S2004-1017-LS_croppedWomen in Manitoba celebrated a milestone anniversary this week – earning the vote 100 years ago. Indeed, we’ve come a long way, baby. Gender equality has been a long fought battle. Yet I’ve never really felt myself on the front lines.

Women have long been fighting for their place in sports, too, and earning the right to get in the game. The Olympics let ladies enter track and field events in 1928. The Boston Marathon allowed its first registered female runner in 1967. Full-court basketball welcomed women in 1971, and little league baseball welcomed girls in 1974. Jump ahead to 2016, and women can play any sport they want. Since I love sports, I play a few myself, including curling… Read entire story.


A Publicist’s Holiday Poem

IMGP0014Twas the week before Christmas
But no time to shop
Still working my pitches
Unable to stop

With TV shows launching
Media releases to plan
And press kits to write
There’s so much at hand!

Can I send you a bio
To get your attention?
If you have some space
Can you give it a mention??

Read entire poem.

His name was Fred

scan0002A truck driver was tragically killed when his semitrailer went off the road on a notorious highway east of Kenora. The story made headlines: Deadly stretch claims 12th victim. A graphic photo of the smoldering crash site was published in the newspaper. Sensational images appeared on television. Another accident. Another statistic.

Stories like this are in the media just about every day. We see them, we hear them, and after a while, we become desensitized to them. I, too, would simply tune these terrible tales out. Seldom did I pause to consider the impact of the loss.

But this time it was different. This time, the life taken was very close to me. He was part of my family. His name was Fred… Read entire story.

Life lessons learned from taped-up glasses

big glasses - grade 4 - cropI just got new glasses. They’re the biggest glasses I’ve had since the days when I had big glasses.

Back in elementary school, “the bigger the better” was the eyewear trend. While I wasn’t thrilled in the first place about having to wear glasses at age nine, this shy awkward kid discovered a sense of comfort hiding behind large lenses.

My grade four glasses were half the size of my round little face, with beige-ish rims that matched my scraggly blond-ish hair. They shielded me from the world, making me feel safe and smart, maybe even a little bit special. In a nerdy kind of way.

I wore them all the time – at home, to school, to gym class, even during recess. My mom used to tell me to take them off when I was playing, but I never listened. I’d wear them every day, rain or shine, riding bicycles or horses, playing tag or dodge ball. Oh how I loved my glasses!

I don’t recall when or how it happened, but one day, I broke them. Oh how I should have listened to my mother! My nine-year-old heart was as shattered as the broken glass I could no longer see through… Read entire story.

Coincidentally speaking

Starry NightA new year is a good time for reflection. So I’ve been thinking a lot about my path, my purpose. What am I meant to do in this world? And how do I know that’s what I’m meant to do?

Truth be told, I started posing these questions to myself a few months ago, after a coffee visit with a colleague. She is one of the most positive and radiant individuals I know. If there is such a thing as an “old soul,” that’s her… Read entire story.

That’s what she said he said: A commentary about Ron Burgundy’s commentary

IMGP1109He came. He curled. He commentated.

He also licked a few donuts before giving them away, threw a rock that came to rest in the rings under the tutelage of Glenn Howard, and donned a traditional Scottish kilt inside the TSN booth.

Welcome to the busy and bizarre world of ‘legendary anchorman’ Ron Burgundy, who chose the Olympic curling trials as a tour stop for Anchorman 2. It was his first Canadian visit to promote the new movie – which opened December 18. It also put curling in the spotlight, introducing the sport to an audience that otherwise might not see it. Read entire story.

Paul McCartney: Now, then, and the winding road in between…

image (6)It was 20 years ago today…

Well, not exactly today. But indeed it was 20 years ago that Paul McCartney last graced the Winnipeg stage. Yet it seems like only yesterday he last played our city.

It was long enough ago that I was still young enough to know I had my whole life ahead of me, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, optimistic for what the future would bring.

I was already enrolled for college that fall, where a two-year communications program would eventually lead to an awesome career in the music business myself.

I can’t help but wonder if all those concerts back then subconsciously played into the path I would eventually choose.

Or the path that chose me. Read entire story.

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