Winnipeg Musicians Singing For A Cause

DSC_0479When Don Amero decided to put on a free concert for Winnipeg fans, he planned to ‘pass the hat’ with hopes of raising enough money to pay for rented gear, pay the other musicians, and maybe have a little something left over for his own pocket. After all, as a full-time musician, he relies on income from shows.

Then he got a phone call, and everything changed. Now, he has a different hope.

Don found out the family of a little girl named Elena needs help. Since birth, she has faced numerous medical issues, starting with being in a coma for the first two years of life. This was followed by three open heart surgeries, and most recently, Elena – now ten – suffered a stroke.

“When I heard this story, my heart was broken for this family. I’m a new dad, and would do anything for my little guy Oscar. I can’t even imagine what Elena’s family has to endure,” explains Amero.

Amero found out the family is in need of a wheelchair van, which costs $20,000. They wanted to do their own fundraiser at the end of June, but due to large costs involved, they had to cancel. So now Don would like to use his free concert this Friday night as a fundraiser.

I feel a duty to help them out, so rather than ask for donations to us the musicians, we’d like to ask the people of Winnipeg to help us help them. Come out to show your support for the family, stay for the music if you like, and if you can, please give a donation for this family. Whether you can give $5, $10, or $100, it all helps,” says Amero.

“I’m challenging you Winnipeg – I need 1000 people to come out and give $20. Let’s not only give them the transportation they need, but let’s also show them what it feels like when a whole city gets behind you, and supports you at one of life’s most difficult times.”

“That’s what it’s all about.”

Don Amero is hoping you will come out and show your support for Elena’s family at a free outdoor concert in Winnipeg this Friday night.

Featuring Don Amero and Friends

NEW DATE: Saturday June 15 @ 7:00pm-10:30pm
Rain or shine at The Forks! 
**If raining, the concert will be under the canopy – if shining, it will be at Oodena Circle.

Don Amero
JC Campbell
Tracy Bone
William Prince
Red Moon Road
Indian City


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