Toronto: Eats and treats

20150210_150932I just love strolling the streets of Toronto without an agenda, allowing myself to be drawn in different directions. When you let yourself wander like this, sometimes you stumble upon the greatest little places. La Merceria is one of those places.

La Merceria is an Argentinian café and home accessories shop tucked away on Adelaide St. W. The sign out front promises the best mocha in town, and while I don’t know that for sure, what I can say is they created for me the most delicious London Fog flavoured with Nutella. If you thought Nutella from a jar couldn’t get any better, try melting it in a hot beverage and drinking it out of a mug! And the brownie on the side was pretty fantastic, too.

The bright décor and wooden furniture inside La Merceria makes it feel very rustic and cozy. There is lots of seating, and a couple of different rooms with more private space. I opted for the tiny table right beside the front door, where sunlight was streaming in the windows, warming up an otherwise freezing cold winter day. (Yes, they get winter in Toronto, too.)

5 outta 5.


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