A Publicist’s Holiday Poem

Twas the week before Christmas
But no time to shop
Still working my pitches
Unable to stop

With TV shows launching
Media releases to plan
And press kits to write
There’s so much at hand!

Can I send you a bio
To get your attention?
If you have some space
Can you give it a mention??

On air or onscreen
In print or online
Anything you can do
Would be awesomely fine

We have visions of features
And interviews galore
But sure… we’ll take that listing
And… perhaps… something more…?? 🙂

We’ve got really great photos
Especially for you
Hi-res and lo-res
And video clips too!

The more emails I send
The more auto replies
“I’m away for the holidays”
Bounce back to my eyes

The media are dwindling
Celebrations have begun
Can’t get no answers
It looks like I’m done

For now, I’ll continue
To update reports
Clean up the inbox
Deleting all sorts

Of emails and messages
Documents and files
Maybe this time
I’ll actually get through the piles

But wait! I hear carols
And smell Christmas baking
Looks like the season
Is mine for the taking

So I’ll be back next year
With pitches divine
Til then – Merry Christmas!!
Now pass me that wine…



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