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A Publicist’s Holiday Poem

IMGP0014Twas the week before Christmas
But no time to shop
Still working my pitches
Unable to stop

With TV shows launching
Media releases to plan
And press kits to write
There’s so much at hand!

Can I send you a bio
To get your attention?
If you have some space
Can you give it a mention??

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Finding the perfect Christmas tree: A family tradition

DSC_0209One of my most favourite holiday activities is getting a Christmas tree. Sure, there are lots of places where you can buy one that’s already cut down and ready to go, and if that’s your approach, that’s okay. You can also buy an artificial one from a retailer, if you prefer going that route. But for a really memorable time that your family will never forget, nothing beats a daytrip adventure to find your special tree… Read entire story.

Dreaming of a white Christmas

P1000742Canadians might cringe at the sight of falling snow, but in other parts of the continent they’re dreaming of a white Christmas – for real!

In Marshall, Texas, the last time they had snow on the ground Christmas Day was in 1986. It brought joy to their world, with children and adults alike rushing outside to make tiny little snowmen before it all melted away.

Even though the wintry scene was short-lived, the memories were long-lasting, and the seeds were planted to start celebrating the season in a much bigger way.

Today, even without the white stuff, and despite green landscape as far as the eye can see, the south knows how to roll out the red carpet come Christmas time. Read entire story.