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The Axl Effect


For as long as I can remember, I’ve doled out dollars to take in concerts. This first started in in ninth grade, with Streetheart and Aldo Nova rocking the old Winnipeg Arena. Back then, our gaggle of junior high pals were the babies in the crowd, hanging with the old people and breaking curfew to catch the end of the show.

Today, many of the babies in the crowd are old enough to be my offspring, and my concert-going friends are nearing old people status. But there’s still nothing like breaking curfew and staying out much too late on a Monday night for the sake of rock ‘n roll… Read full story here.

Paul McCartney: Now, then, and the winding road in between…

image (6)It was 20 years ago today…

Well, not exactly today. But indeed it was 20 years ago that Paul McCartney last graced the Winnipeg stage. Yet it seems like only yesterday he last played our city.

It was long enough ago that I was still young enough to know I had my whole life ahead of me, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, optimistic for what the future would bring.

I was already enrolled for college that fall, where a two-year communications program would eventually lead to an awesome career in the music business myself.

I can’t help but wonder if all those concerts back then subconsciously played into the path I would eventually choose.

Or the path that chose me. Read entire story.

Winnipeg musicians singing for a cause

When Don Amero decided to put on a DSC_0479free concert for Winnipeg fans, he planned to ‘pass the hat’ with hopes of raising enough money to pay for rented gear, pay the other musicians, and maybe have a little something left over for his own pocket. After all, as a full-time musician, he relies on income from shows. Then he got a phone call, and everything changed. Now, he has a different hope.

Don found out the family of a little girl named Elena needs help. Since birth, she has faced numerous medical issues, starting with being in a coma for the first two years of life. This was followed by three open heart surgeries, and most recently, Elena – now ten – suffered a stroke.

“When I heard this story, my heart was broken for this family. I’m a new dad, and would do anything for my little guy Oscar. I can’t even imagine what Elena’s family has to endure,” explains Amero. Read entire story.