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Austria: My homeland away from home

IMGP9897One of the greatest joys of traveling is discovering new places, especially those in the “old country.”

When it comes to my father’s homeland, I know he was born in a small village near Vienna in Austria – or the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as it was called in 1907.

His father was from Germany; his mother from Poland. They left Europe when my father was an infant, travelled by ship across the Atlantic, and eventually found their way to Manitoba’s Interlake region… Read entire story.  


Viking River Cruises: Traveling the world the Viking way

IMGP9948Viking Cruises is an international company that operates the world’s largest fleet of river cruise vessels in Europe, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, and Egypt. Combining the ancient Viking tradition of exploring great waterways, with the most elegant comforts and luxuries, results in a sophisticated journey that’s second to none.

Viking’s state-of-the-art river boats are called ‘longships’ – and long they are. They’re also flat and streamlined to effectively traverse narrow locks and low-lying bridges. Compared to gigantic ocean liners, they’re considered small, with only three inside decks. On top is the very popular sundeck, where you can stretch out on loungers for 360-degree views of the ever-changing and charming European countryside. Read entire story.

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