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A woman’s right to sweep: What I’ve learned from coed curling

S2004-1017-LS_croppedWomen in Manitoba celebrated a milestone anniversary this week – earning the vote 100 years ago. Indeed, we’ve come a long way, baby. Gender equality has been a long fought battle. Yet I’ve never really felt myself on the front lines.

Women have long been fighting for their place in sports, too, and earning the right to get in the game. The Olympics let ladies enter track and field events in 1928. The Boston Marathon allowed its first registered female runner in 1967. Full-court basketball welcomed women in 1971, and little league baseball welcomed girls in 1974. Jump ahead to 2016, and women can play any sport they want. Since I love sports, I play a few myself, including curling… Read entire story.

Finding the perfect Christmas tree: A family tradition

DSC_0209One of my most favourite holiday activities is getting a Christmas tree. Sure, there are lots of places where you can buy one that’s already cut down and ready to go, and if that’s your approach, that’s okay. You can also buy an artificial one from a retailer, if you prefer going that route. But for a really memorable time that your family will never forget, nothing beats a daytrip adventure to find your special tree… Read entire story.

Austria: My homeland away from home

IMGP9897One of the greatest joys of traveling is discovering new places, especially those in the “old country.”

When it comes to my father’s homeland, I know he was born in a small village near Vienna in Austria – or the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as it was called in 1907.

His father was from Germany; his mother from Poland. They left Europe when my father was an infant, travelled by ship across the Atlantic, and eventually found their way to Manitoba’s Interlake region… Read entire story.  

Baby beluga in the deep blue (Hudson) bay…

Belugas - kayakThe sun beats down on my bright yellow kayak as gentle waves rock the hull back and forth. Directly behind me is the port of Churchill, one of the most diverse and interesting places I’ve ever visited. Directly in front is a pod of beluga whales swimming about, magnificent glistening creatures gliding gracefully in and out of the waters of the Hudson Bay.

I’ve spent the past half hour trying to maneuver my watercraft near enough to get a good glimpse, but they are awesomely elusive. Just when I get relatively close, they dart off in the opposite direction, leaving little hope I’ll ever get to see them. Until, all of a sudden, they turn and head in my exact direction. Dozens of them. Coming straight at me… Read entire story.

Running out of excuses

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been four years since I’ve done any distance running, which to me is anything greater than five miles. I do the odd three-miler every now and then just to stay conditioned, but rarely do I go beyond five anymore.

When I agreed to run the Winnipeg Police Service Half-Marathon relay with a friend (6.55 miles each) my intention was to train. However, due to a number of circumstances including a sprained ankle the week before the event, and numerous excuses before that, I only managed to get in six runs before race-day.

Eventually I ran out of training days (and excuses) and would just have to do it as ready as I was. Was I confident I could do the distance? Yes. But the big question was, how fast? Read entire story.

Halloween events for all

For people who like scary things, Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a chance to dress up in costume and pretend to be someone (or something) else for a while, and get together with friends or family for some frightening fun. Here in Manitoba, there are plenty of events that will get you in the Halloween spirit.

Boo at the Zoo takes place at Assiniboine Park. Winnipeg’s annual Halloween tradition features an expanded midway with carousel, haunted house, and other rides. Special displays, lights and music add to the spooky atmosphere. Characters like Icky, a friendly troll who loves candy, can be found roaming about each night.

Haunted tours are a great way to explore a city from the inside out, and learn deep dark secrets from days gone by. I’ve taken part in ghost tours in New Orleans and Pennsylvania, and it’s intriguing to see how different places give new life to their haunted histories. Read entire story.