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The Axl Effect


For as long as I can remember, I’ve doled out dollars to take in concerts. This first started in in ninth grade, with Streetheart and Aldo Nova rocking the old Winnipeg Arena. Back then, our gaggle of junior high pals were the babies in the crowd, hanging with the old people and breaking curfew to catch the end of the show.

Today, many of the babies in the crowd are old enough to be my offspring, and my concert-going friends are nearing old people status. But there’s still nothing like breaking curfew and staying out much too late on a Monday night for the sake of rock ‘n roll… Read full story here.

A woman’s right to sweep: What I’ve learned from coed curling

S2004-1017-LS_croppedWomen in Manitoba celebrated a milestone anniversary this week – earning the vote 100 years ago. Indeed, we’ve come a long way, baby. Gender equality has been a long fought battle. Yet I’ve never really felt myself on the front lines.

Women have long been fighting for their place in sports, too, and earning the right to get in the game. The Olympics let ladies enter track and field events in 1928. The Boston Marathon allowed its first registered female runner in 1967. Full-court basketball welcomed women in 1971, and little league baseball welcomed girls in 1974. Jump ahead to 2016, and women can play any sport they want. Since I love sports, I play a few myself, including curling… Read entire story.

Grey Cup-ping it!

20151003_161039My football-loving history stretches back to playing the game with my siblings on our farm in Marquette, Manitoba. There were enough of us to make two teams, so we’d play often.

We also watched football on TV, and, after moving to Winnipeg, we’d go to Bomber games whenever we could. To us, the Grey Cup was a good excuse to have a party… Read entire story.

Thermea by Nordik Spa-Nature: Putting the ‘aaahhh’ in spa

IMGP7398The wait is over. After years of preparing, partnering and constructing, Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature is officially open in our city. And it’s unlike anything most North American spa-goers have seen.

Nestled on the edge of the forest beside Crescent Drive Golf Course, Thermëa is intentionally set in the heart of nature. The thermal spa ritual involves cycles of heat and cold, allowing the body to eliminate toxins, stimulate circulation, release adrenaline, and increase flow of endorphins. This results in purification, relaxation, and rejuvenation… Read entire story.

Anything for hockey… because no one expected us to win… including ourselves…

The Goaldiggers - 2014 Champions - ASHL Winnipeg Women Division D-slash-EThe Goaldiggers are a hockey team (my team!) made up of ladies of all ages and skill levels from the Canadian prairies. Our unlikely story starts with one resilient woman. Her name is Tyla Turman.

Tyla played hockey in Winnipeg at Canlan Ice Sports for many years. She got her start by joining a friend’s team who gave her a chance, taught her the game, and supported her along the way. But when the team decided to part ways, Tyla was determined to keep playing. Maybe even give back to others who wanted a chance of their own… Read entire story.

Nordik Spa-Nature: Chelsea, Quebec

nordik_automne_17Did you know the largest spa in North America is a spectacular sprawling setting on a hillside in Chelsea, Quebec? And that Winnipeg’s Wildwood Park neighbourhood will soon be home to its sister facility?

If you’ve driven down Crescent Drive lately, you may have noticed construction on the edge of Crescent Drive Golf Course. This is the development of Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature, a thermal spa set in the heart of nature. It’s the second Canadian location for an exceptional spa concept that has been popular for centuries across Europe. Read entire story.

That’s what she said he said: A commentary about Ron Burgundy’s commentary

IMGP1109He came. He curled. He commentated.

He also licked a few donuts before giving them away, threw a rock that came to rest in the rings under the tutelage of Glenn Howard, and donned a traditional Scottish kilt inside the TSN booth.

Welcome to the busy and bizarre world of ‘legendary anchorman’ Ron Burgundy, who chose the Olympic curling trials as a tour stop for Anchorman 2. It was his first Canadian visit to promote the new movie – which opened December 18. It also put curling in the spotlight, introducing the sport to an audience that otherwise might not see it. Read entire story.

Paul McCartney: Now, then, and the winding road in between…

image (6)It was 20 years ago today…

Well, not exactly today. But indeed it was 20 years ago that Paul McCartney last graced the Winnipeg stage. Yet it seems like only yesterday he last played our city.

It was long enough ago that I was still young enough to know I had my whole life ahead of me, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, optimistic for what the future would bring.

I was already enrolled for college that fall, where a two-year communications program would eventually lead to an awesome career in the music business myself.

I can’t help but wonder if all those concerts back then subconsciously played into the path I would eventually choose.

Or the path that chose me. Read entire story.

Manitoba spa nearly a perfect ten

02_ham2__xLOne of my favourite things to do while traveling is going to spas. Come to think of it, one of my favourite things to do at home is going to spas. From the places I’ve been and the spas I’ve seen, I believe we’ve got one of the best right here in Winnipeg.

Ten Spa at the Fort Garry Hotel strives to deliver ‘a perfect ten’ to each and every customer. The owners spent years researching the world’s foremost spas to come up with unique treatments. The result is a wide range of classic techniques infused with a modern edge, designed to nurture the body, soothe the soul, and indulge the senses.

The experience begins with staff providing Italian spa sandals, Turkish bathrobe, and a locker. Both the men’s and women’s change rooms boast rain showers, and experiential stalls with cold fog and tropical mist. State-of-the-art steam rooms decorated in tiny metallic blue tiles are complete with aromatic vapours and light therapy, giving the illusion of twinkling stars glowing through hazy duskiness. Read entire story.

Running out of excuses

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been four years since I’ve done any distance running, which to me is anything greater than five miles. I do the odd three-miler every now and then just to stay conditioned, but rarely do I go beyond five anymore.

When I agreed to run the Winnipeg Police Service Half-Marathon relay with a friend (6.55 miles each) my intention was to train. However, due to a number of circumstances including a sprained ankle the week before the event, and numerous excuses before that, I only managed to get in six runs before race-day.

Eventually I ran out of training days (and excuses) and would just have to do it as ready as I was. Was I confident I could do the distance? Yes. But the big question was, how fast? Read entire story.