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A woman’s right to sweep: What I’ve learned from coed curling

S2004-1017-LS_croppedWomen in Manitoba celebrated a milestone anniversary this week – earning the vote 100 years ago. Indeed, we’ve come a long way, baby. Gender equality has been a long fought battle. Yet I’ve never really felt myself on the front lines.

Women have long been fighting for their place in sports, too, and earning the right to get in the game. The Olympics let ladies enter track and field events in 1928. The Boston Marathon allowed its first registered female runner in 1967. Full-court basketball welcomed women in 1971, and little league baseball welcomed girls in 1974. Jump ahead to 2016, and women can play any sport they want. Since I love sports, I play a few myself, including curling… Read entire story.


Anything for hockey… because no one expected us to win… including ourselves…

The Goaldiggers - 2014 Champions - ASHL Winnipeg Women Division D-slash-EThe Goaldiggers are a hockey team (my team!) made up of ladies of all ages and skill levels from the Canadian prairies. Our unlikely story starts with one resilient woman. Her name is Tyla Turman.

Tyla played hockey in Winnipeg at Canlan Ice Sports for many years. She got her start by joining a friend’s team who gave her a chance, taught her the game, and supported her along the way. But when the team decided to part ways, Tyla was determined to keep playing. Maybe even give back to others who wanted a chance of their own… Read entire story.

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