After spending four winters playing co-ed spongie, RoseAnna accidentally discovered the thrill of real hockey on real skates at her nephew’s birthday party. She now takes hockey lessons, owns all her own hockey gear, and lives under the delusion that one day she’ll be a really good hockey player. Read her humour series, which was previously featured on, about learning to play hockey at the ripe old age of… old…

Chapter 1:  Enter The Dragon Lady
Chapter 2:  Chick With A Stick
Chapter 3:  I’ve Fallen – But I Can’t Let Up!
Chapter 4:  Being Bambi
Chapter 5:  First Firsts
Chapter 6:  Drumroll Puh-lease
Chapter 7:  You Were Always On My Line
Chapter 8:  The Puck Stops Here
Chapter 9:  Hockey Fan In Philadelphia, Eh??
Chapter 10:  Skating With Dinosaurs
Chapter 11:  Victory Is Bittersweet
Chapter 12:  Shine On You Silver Lining
Chapter 13:  The Kids Are Alright (And Pretty Damn Fast!!)
Chapter 14:  She Shoots… She Scores!!
Chapter 15:  Chances Are
Chapter 16:  40 Is The New 10

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