Cancun: Tropical Paradise For Couples

(Story previously published in Canstar weeklies)

P1010215Tucked away in the middle of Cancun’s popular hotel zone, Golden Parnassus may seem small by sprawling-resort standards. While it can’t compete in size and swank to its neighbours, there’s one thing it does better than most other resorts on the strip – cater to an adults-only market.

Whether you live childfree by choice, or simply choosing to take a holiday without your children, Golden Parnassus is the perfect place for a relaxing vacation sans kids. It’s billed as being P1010151‘exclusively for couples’ and delivers on that promise. You won’t find anyone here under the age of 18.

There are many advantages to visiting an adults-only resort. The first and most obvious is the fact there are no children around – not in the hallways, not in the pool, not on the beach, not in the restaurants. This allows for more peace and quiet since the sound of children is noticeably wonderfully absent. Plus, you won’t have to worry about accidentally saying something inappropriate for small ears. And what about waiting in lines behind hordes of restless families? Never.

P1010541Adults-only resorts really go out of their way cater to their clientele. Guest rooms tend to more spacious, with added amenities like coffee makers, stocked mini-bar, and 24-hour room service. We arrived to find chilled champagne, a plate of chocolates and fruit, and complimentary use of robes and slippers. Our top floor room had a stunning panoramic balcony view of the turquoise Caribbean Sea – looking like a picture right out of a travel magazine. We could also gaze at the ocean from the double Jacuzzi tub behind floor-t0-ceiling glass doors.

Golden Parnassus pays attention to romantic extras, and the little things that make a difference. Special touches like lavish linens, fine dishes, and lit candles on the dining table made every meal an experience. With four a la cP1010640art restaurants featuring local and international cuisine that didn’t require reservations, having dinner was always easy and enjoyable.

Activities at an adults-only resort can be more varied, too. We started each morning with a half-hour yoga class beside the beach. Throughout the day we could ride bikes, play tennis, or visit the fitness centre. At night, there were billiards, karaoke, casino games, and theatre shows. And of course, there’s always the beach.

P1010629If you’ve never been to Cancun, be prepared to fall in love with the sparkling white sand. There’s nothing like soaking up the sun from your lounge chair, with a good book and cold beverage in hand, listening to rolling waves lapping endlessly at the shore. You might be surprised at how guiltlessly relaxing and truly tranquil it is. Especially without kids around.

The best thing about Cancun’s 17-mile hotel zone is that you can walk along the ocean for hours on end. While the sandy area adjacent to each resort is designated private property, the entire shoreline is public. It’s the perfect place to stroll barefoot in the warm sand, searching for rocks, seashells, and other coastal treasures.


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