Thank you for visiting this page. If you are interested in working with RoseAnna Schick to promote your destination or product… there are a number of ways to partner:

  • Press trips and individual trips
  • Product reviews
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Sponsored posts
  • Links to your websites
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Banner ads placed on RAS Words (to come)

In exchange, RoseAnna can offer:

  • Professionally written stories and photography
  • Feature stories published in print
  • Feature stories published online
  • Reviews on travel sites
  • Customized blog posts
  • Content for your marketing materials
  • Social media promotion

For more information about RoseAnna’s publishing reach and online metrics, please send her an email at and she’d be happy to send you back a press kit.

In addition to RoseAnna’s travel and lifestyle writing… she is also a marketing and communications professional who runs her own PR company in Canada. To find out more visit